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  • A weak uterus is considered to be unfit for a healthy pregnancy, did you ever think on why is a weak uterus problematic for a healthy pregnancy. Read below to know and also here are the solutions on how to maintain a strong uterus, which is the key for fertility, conception and implantation of the embryo.

    Maintaining a healthy egg is not just sufficient, maintaining a healthy uterus is also equally important. Some of the routine activities that you perform may weaken your uterus, and makes it a big obstacle for your pregnancy. However, inculcating few activities to your lifestyle will surely be helpful.

  • Importance of uterus

    Uterus is a dwelling and is responsible for the development of embryo and fetus during pregnancy. It is trilayered, perimetrium is the outer most layers, middle layer is myometrium, and the innermost layer is endometrium. These layers containglands that shedand cause menstruation. It is rebuilt by the hormones released by ovaries.

  • Factors that disturb the health of uterus

    Sedentary lifestyle or no proper physical activity reduces the blood flow to uterus making it thin and also affects other reproductive organs. Below are some of the factors that may affect the uterus health,

    Formation of uterine fibroids in the uterine layers causes (dysmenorrhea) painful periods or irregular menstrual cycle.
    Use of contraceptives such asintrauterine devices may cause problems such as scar in the uterine tissue that leads to uterine trauma.
    Procedures such as C-section, abortion or miscarriage may also cause uterine trauma.
    Hormonal changes play a vital role in a variety of fertility issues that may affect the uterus.
    Poor health of the endometrial tissue weakens the uterine lining.
    Long-term or uncontrolled use of birth control pills contains progestin causing thinning of the uterus lining.
  • Nature ways to maintain health of uterus

    Learning that you have a weak uterusmust provoke you to start working on it to nourish it.

    Physical activity- Moderate physical activity is essential to improve blood circulation to the uterus and aids to its health. Make sure that you move your legs, hips, abdomen, and back regularly to improve circulation to the reproductive organs.

    Do not over take the medicines- If you are using contraceptive pills or any hormonal medication, and then give a break of at least 3 months for restoring the uterine health and making it ready for the next pregnancy.

  • Physical therapy or Physiotherapy

    Massing externally enhances the blood circulation to the reproductive organs and strengthens the muscles of the uterus.
    Castor oil packs helps in the healing of the uterus as it supports the hormonal balance, breakdown and removal of scar tissue and stimulates blood circulation directly to the uterus.
    Acupuncture is amongst the best and most traditional ways that aids in the stimulation of any body organ. It also helps in stimulating the function of the uterus and interrupts the negative activity by the nervous system due to stress.